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4 September 2015


The social media super highway is busier than ever before, if you’re an NI business owner it’s time you invested in a digital billboard. When it comes to questions of where this ‘billboard’ should go, the statistics have always said Facebook

28 October 2014

More Ponies Than Children In Holywood

It is official, according to statistics from The Northern Ireland Consumer Association there are now more ponies than children in Holywood, County Down.

6 May 2014

Last Week the NYPD got hijacked...

Social media marketers and editors have to be super careful when it comes to strengthening a campaign with a hashtag as we all learned from the NYPD shenanigans last week.

28 August 2013

Facebook Changes Competition Rules

Facebook changes its competition rules in an attempt to "make it easier" for businesses to run promotions on their pages, we take a look at what these changes really mean for businesses and users.

9 July 2013

Facebook Graph Search - Privacy Tips

The new Graph Search function has just been rolled out to US English users of Facebook and it is intended to change the way you look for people, photos and interests

5 July 2013

5 things to avoid in social media marketing

Social media provides Brands with fantastic opportunities to market themselves to their audience. If you are not getting what you want from social media you may be doing a few things wrong. Here are some things we think you should avoid.

3 July 2013

Can Bebo reinvent itself?

It has just been announced that Michael Birch has bought back Bebo for $1 million, five years after selling the social platform to AOL for $850 million.

28 June 2013

Has Instagram’s video killed Twitter’s star?

It has just been announced that the number of links to Vine videos on social networks fell by nearly half a million the day after video was added to Instagram's photo app on 20 June.

27 June 2013

How to Recruit Staff Via Social Media

Social media has opened the door to more opportunities for recruiters to find staff for clients. Over the last five years, Belfast has witnessed a sort of ‘boom’ in the IT recruitment sectors with companies such as Citi, Liberty IT and Allstate looking for local technical talent.

25 June 2013

How secure is Facebook?

With recent reports in the news about the PRISM surveillance scandal it has got many people thinking just how secure is their Facebook profile?

17 June 2013

How Facebook Content Can Drive Sales

Following on from our last week’s ‘Secrets to Facebook Marketing’ article, we're looking a little more at opitimising your social media channels.

13 June 2013

Secrets of Facebook Marketing

It's one thing to market online, it's another to market effectively online. Here's how to refine your strategy.

29 May 2013

Is Apple in decline?

There has been much talk about Apple in decline. Dokoo looks at the facts.

17 May 2013

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