5 of the Most Dangerous Apps to Have On Your Phone

Posted on: 13th May 2014 by: Dokoo

The worst kinds of apps are not the really bad ones, no, they’re the ones we all download and use regularly. From the millions of apps available online there are a handful of universally popular ones that often feel impossible to get rid off. Here are five of the most dangerous apps we just can’t seem to escape.

1. Instagram

Instagram has led to two awful phenomenon. The first is that it has, with the use of a range of simple sepia-toned filters, managed to convince most of us that we are actually professional photographers. Secondly, it has given rise to the growingly oppressive art of ‘food photography.’ In fact, it’s now so popular, that before dining can even begin, a close up of your steak is a cultural custom.

Danger: Cold dinner while you think of a neat caption.

2. iTunes

iTunes is fantastic, an almost limitless expanse of music available for purchase at the touch of a button. Great, until the bank statement comes through. Thanks Apple.

Danger: Bankruptcy.

3. Apple Maps

In 2012 Apple and Google had a little bit of a fall out. The result of which being that Google Maps was resigned as an app store alternative, after being the iPhone default map app, and replaced with Apple Maps. Very quickly it became obvious that something was very wrong with the new Maps app. Technology journalists everywhere wrote of the misdirections, tragic wrong turns and woeful tales of lost drivers. Thankfully, it has improved.

Danger: Ending up in the Grand Canyon on your way to Portrush.

4. Flappy Bird

If there were any app at all that could motivate you to throw your phone through a window it was this. The concept was misleadingly simple, guide a small bird through gaps in piping that weren’t unlike those from Mario by tapping the screen. Easy you say? So began a worldwide obsession to reach the highest score.

Triumphant Facebook friends posted screenshots on newsfeeds while the rest of us struggled to last more than 20 seconds. Failure became loathing and a reactionary game called 'Squishey Bird' came out in which you had to kill the little vermin. Eventually the craze got a little too much for the platform game’s creator, Dong Nguyen, pulled it from the app stores. Before he did though, the game was earning him $50,000 a day.

Danger: Stress related heart problems.

5. Facebook

Facebook, waster of time, slayer of productivity? Apparently, but it's available on your mobile phone. Facebook boasts 1.2 billion users, one of the most successful companies of our time. We clock millions of hours a month on social networks. Now, thanks to the mobile phone apps, our addiction is with us everywhere we go - even to conversations and dinner tables. That's why we at Dokoo like putting your business up there... you'd be a fool not to be online.

Danger: That lampost you're about to walk into.


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