Can Holywood become Northern Ireland’s digital marketing hub?

Posted on: 5th Jun 2013 by: Dokoo

Belfast is often seen by many as being the prime location in Northern Ireland to base your digital marketing business. For businesses who do digital marketing there is a certain drive to base yourself in the city, in the belief that the city is ‘where it all happens’.

We soon realised that Belfast was not the only viable option to locate an ambitious digital marketing agency. Holywood soon came to our minds as a great home for Dokoo. This is a place that raised the likes of Rory McIlroy, Jamie Dornan (Actor in the BBC Drama ‘The Fall’) and more recently the comedian Shane Todd aka Mike McGoldrick. It’s a place full of characters. This is our kind of town.

Three months ago, we followed in the footsteps of other creative media and advertising agencies such as, IN! Magazine, Walker Communications, Lighthouse Communications, Ardmore, LJK,  Navajo, Morrow Communications, Origin Partners, Smarts Communicate and many more (apologies if we have overlooked any). Since we have set up shop here, there have been other agencies that have joined the show. More are likely to follow.

For us, Holywood made sense. The business case for us was clear. We are in close proximity to our clients and being in a small creative community of like-minded businesses, we are sure to get the inspiration we need to drive our brand forward.

There are other benefits too. Aside from wanting to avoid the headache of daily traffic jams, the town itself has a great buzz,  ‘The Yard’  and "Home Bird" do great coffee and are great places to talk business. On sunny days like today, you could be mistaken to think you are on the Costa del Sol (well that may be bit of an exaggeration). ALSO we love to see badly parked 4x4s and we are never disappointed!

One of the great things about being a digital agency is that (aside from your creativity) all you really need is a computer and a good internet connection. Increasingly local companies are winning work outside that UK and ROI. In Holywood we are seeing that trend. 

Can Holywood become a digital hub? We think it can. Digital media is becoming bigger and more exciting and with increasing opportunities for growth, we could soon see the agencies based here making this place the prime location for any inspiring digital enterprise.

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Peadar is a project manager @ Dokoo

Dokoo is a digital agency in Belfast. Our award-winning services have helped many businesses optimise their social media in Northern ireland.

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