Can Social Media get you a job?

Posted on: 11th Jun 2013 by: Dokoo

Finding the right job today, or any job for that matter can be tough. With a high volume of qualified candidates for well sought after jobs, many good applicants do not even get to interview stage. Finding a job can be stressful and for those whose search lasts months, as it did in my case back in 2009, it can be a disheartening experience.  The current slow growth and high unemployment has presented a lot of challenges but in 2013 there are lots of opportunities using social media to put yourself forward confidently into the job market.

For example as I was trawling through Facebook yesterday I came across a Facebook Ad called ‘Hire Kate’ with the caption “Hi, I’m looking for a marketing job in tech industry. Check out my website to find more”. Going to Kate’s website you can see blogs she has written as well check out her impressive CV. Kate’s innovative self-marketing is part of a growing trend of job seekers who are using social to get their name out there in the job market.

Can social media help you in finding a job? Yes it can, if done right!

Our advice would be to get good at promoting yourself online! It is really important to create and manage your online profile(s). The first place to start would be to create an engaging LinkedIn profile, perhaps even link it to a video CV. We have found that LinkedIn works best when you mix it with offline i.e. invite a person of interest for a coffee. In life, there is no substitution for real life human contact.

Writing blogs is a great way to supplement you LinkedIn profile. Create a simple WordPress site and write about stuff that interests you and what you have a passion for. When people read your blog it will come across as being credible (and interesting). Twitter can also be effective in getting in touch with people who could help you in your job quest.

The final thing I would say is to update your privacy settings and in general review your posts on the social media platforms you use. In my experience it is surprising how many people post things that they shouldn’t. You don’t want all your hard work promoting yourself to be wasted by an inappropriate photo of you on a night out!  A growing number of employers are reviewing their candidate’s social profiles to get an indication of what sort of people they are.

Oh and one more thing that is important, be positive! You can’t underestimate the power of being optimistic!

It will be interesting to see how Kate does in her campaign. All of us at Dokoo wish Kate and everyone else who is on the job hunt every success in finding their perfect position!

As a result of a growing client base, we will be offering an internship position in the next couple of months for an aspiring social media guru. Further details will be realised in due course.

Peadar is a project manager @ Dokoo

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