Posted on: 4th Sep 2015 by: Dokoo

The social media super highway is busier than ever before, if you’re an NI business owner it’s time you invested in a digital billboard. When it comes to questions of where this ‘billboard’ should go, the statistics have always said Facebook.

Social media marketing is growing, and newest study from Statcounter (Sept 2015) show "around 87% of all desktop, mobile and tablet social media traffic in Ireland now comes from Facebook, a big jump on last year's figure of 62%. By contrast, Twitter's share of referral traffic in Ireland has collapsed from 14% to 5% over the last 12 months." 

"Facebook's lead is even greater on mobile phones, with a staggering 92pc of all referral traffic from social networking services in Ireland. Mobile phones are seen as the most important web delivery platform with most traffic moving to mobile devices."

While other social media platforms are faltering in converting leads, Facebook remains the most successful way to reach your clients and customers.

The company has a firm hold as the world’s biggest social media giant. Over 968 million of its 1.49 billion users log in to the network on a daily basis via mobile apps. Going to where your customers are has always been of central importance in making sure your message, brand and product land on the public conscience and stick.

It's also a brilliant way to understand your audience. Mark Zuckerburg, Facebook's CEO, just announced that the company are developing the long-awaited 'dislike' button. If your customers don't like something that your doing - they'll now be able to tell you. With this 'dislike' button will come a whole host of new dynamic marketing possibilities and analytics. We're excited.

In the past it was all about the right magazine or a full page add in a newspaper with national circulation - but even then, your customer couldn't even talk back! These days your customers expect to be able to talk to you. 

At Dokoo we’re trying to help Northern Ireland’s businesses to realise the full potential of social media advertising. As a business, it’s of unquestionable importance if you want to be a competitor.  

That’s why we engage in Facebook training in Belfast. Many companies, across all kinds of sectors, entrust us to run their campaigns. Some of our clients are small local businesses, some our national players and many are growing because they are finding their customer online.


Interested in Linkedin Learning or Facebook for business? Get in touch today to find out how we can help you dvelop a digital strategy. We also manage facebook ads, twitter advertising and linkedin advertising.

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