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Posted on: 9th Jul 2013 by: Dokoo

The new Graph Search function is currently being rolled out to Facebook users and it is intended to change the way you look for people, photos and interests. The idea behind this is to make the huge amount of content in Facebook easier to find. In theory, Graph Search could act as an alternative to sites such as Trip Advisor as using the feature a user could find out if any of their friends have visited a place or restaurant and then ask them directly for their thoughts.  

Since the announcement of the new Graph Search, there have been concerns raised by some that this could have negative consequences for our private information. After all, Facebook in the past has made changes to users' privacy settings without full clarification. A great article by @tomscott shows how it is possible to search for employers of people who like racism or married people who like prostitutes!!! Graph Search could pose concern to those who openly express such sentiments - as well as the employers of those users.

Graph Search is expected to be released to all users very shortly. In anticipation for its release, here are two tips if you have concerns about your privacy.

Review your ‘About me’ details

The easiest way to review your settings is to click privacy shortcuts (the small lock in the top right of the page) then click “who can see my stuff?” > What do other people see on my Timeline? Then select, View as.  This will give you the best idea as to what information people can see on your profile.

Manage your 'Activity Log'

This feature makes it easy to see things you’ve posted and to make changes to the audience of those past posts, including what’s posted on your timeline. To manage this setting, select the small lock in the top right of the page, then click “who can see my stuff?” > Use Activity Log. Then you can view all your past posts and adjust privacy settings of each post.

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