Facebook Reactions Case Study

Posted on: 22nd May 2016 by: Dokoo

If you read this entire post then there is something in it for you - or you can just scroll down without reading it :-)

It's been twenty hours since many people got access to Facebook's new Reactions function and we have rolled it out for many of the brands we manage The results have been encouraging.

I can't give the name of the client due to client confidentiality but i can give you the nature of the post.  We posted a picture and asked the brand's Facebook fans what they thought about the image, it was slightly tongue in cheek and the results have been very interesting. There was no advertising on this post. 


146 wow

106 love

42 haha

27 angry

25 sad

64 comments and 4 shares

The biggest change for us today is how to relate these findings back to the client. The post got a lot more engagement than a similar post last week but the comments were slightly down. 

We discussed this as a team this morning and we came up with some thoughts on our early experiences of using this function; 

  • digital marketers run the risk of getting too caught up in the emojis rather than the content objectives
  • brands will have to ask more from their agencies as to how they can maximise this new function 
  • emojis are a lazy way for Facebook users to interact with brands 
  • emojis present an even lazier way for digital marketers to deem a campaign a success. Example. 

Client - "How did this month's Facebook activity go?"

Marketing agency - "Absolutely fantastic, over the last month of activity we had 4,o00 comments and 300 of those were 'wow' emojis and another 150 were 'love' emojis so that shows Facebook users really buy into what we are saying."

Client- scratches head.

At Dokoo we love helping businesses create campaigns that harness everything positive on Facebook and we love seeing other brands killing it on Facebook too, so here is some free advice. 

Find some visual content that reflects your brand and ask your users something like"We are testing out Facebook Reactions (hold down like on mobile), tell us what you think of this picture?"

some examples below; 

  • If you are a restaurant/ bar upload a fantastic dish/ drink and see what your fans think
  • If you are a hotel upload a picture of a stunning view from one of your rooms
  • If you are in eCommerce post a picture of some products, ready to be shipping out the door
  • If you are a web company, upload a picture of some detailed wireframes
  • If you are part of a sales team, get a quick picture of the team and upload it
  • If you a hairdresser, take a quick picture of a client's hair (with their permission) and upload it 
  • If you are a PR practitioner upload some media clippings that you've got for clients this week 
  • If you are in the graphic design upload a picture of a range of client logos and ask for feedback
  • If you are in the agri-food industry, take a picture of the fields where the food is produced

These are ideas are all quite simple so i apologise for the brevity, but you get the gist of how businesses could be using the new function. I would love to see as many companies as possible thinking outside the box with Facebook Reactions and trying to make them work.

If you want some free advice for your Facebook page and what would work for your users then like this post and drop me a private message. I am happy to help. 

If you want more training on how to use Facebook Reactions then we have a couple of spots left on our early-bird offer for our March Facebook workshop - https://getinvited.to/andyhill/online-marketing-for-business/

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