How to get a better CTR on Facebook ads

Posted on: 29th Jul 2013 by: Dokoo

Facebook advertising is a mystery to many business owners. You can easily waste £5,000 if you click the wrong box and target the wrong demographic. Facebook ads allow you the opportunity to target fans by what TV shows they like, where they eat out, where they work and even what hobbies and interests they have.
At Dokoo we have achieved some fantastic results for our clients through Facebook ads, we have developed a strategy that will result in a higher percentage CTR (click through rate). This in turn results in more sales enquires and more engaged fans. 
A recent campaign we ran on our own page targeted people in the USA and UK who had an interest in social media and enjoyed TV. We put a budget of $3 on our campaign and within 3 hours have received over 300 likes and 32 shares in a relatively short space of time. The content was an image from the Simpsons TV show which compared the similarities between two characters. We also decided to post the image on sunday afternoon as sunday is one of the best days to post content on Facebook. The $3 was spent within a few hours and this resulted in a click through rate of 90.574%for the image. I have let the ad run for a second day (29th July) and will report back on the findings, my feeling is we will get significantly less post likes due to it being a workday.
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