Hello from Dokoo

Posted on: 17th May 2013 by: Dokoo

We want to welcome you to our new website. We hope you like it!
Dokoo is about helping brands to better navigate their way through the digital jungle of information and help them reach today's consumers. Our company is an award-winning digital marketing agency in Northern Ireland.
The digital landscape has transformed how consumers shop. Increasingly, today's consumers are digital decision makers. Social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest are becoming more relevant within consumer behaviour. We think this offers a fantastic opportunity for brands because they can now find people who are interested in hearing and seeing what they are offering. 
The key with any digital marketing strategy is to make your brand more visible online. It is important therefore for brands to make it easy for customers to find them. From search engine positioning to social media marketing, the opportunities are huge for brands to take advantage of the online world.  
We created Dokoo because we know how to harness the potential of digital to help communicate a brand's message powerfully and clearly to their audience. 
We are very excited about what the future has to offer and you can check back to see how we are getting on by visiting our website or any of our social media channels. 
Team Dokoo
Dokoo is a social media agency in Belfast/Holywood, Northern Ireland.

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