How a Chimp with a Gun made off with $482 million

Posted on: 1st May 2014 by: Dokoo

In the past grabbing the attention of cinema audiences in order to promote Hollywood movies wasn’t all that difficult. Broadcasting trailers on national television exposed your film to hundreds of thousands of people and billboards were still very much a primary means of advertising. 

However, with the dawn of the internet, audiences once easily reached now deal in a much noisier media driven matrix. Hollywood’s marketing campaigns have gotten more extravagant and increasingly immersive, adding multiple dimensions to the fictional narrative of big blockbusters. Here are some of the best:

X-Men: 25 Moments

The world of X-Men, like most comic sagas, is long and deeply tied to modern history. The fictional tale of mutant-segregation has been written in to some of the 21st century’s most notable events, reimagining them within it’s own narrative. With the upcoming release of the new X-Men film, Twentieth Century Fox have created to whet the tongue of comic book nerds everywhere by placing beloved heroes and corrupt villains in it’s alternate history.

Here are two great pics from the site:

“During a pivotal moment in the Cold War, missiles launched near Cuba allegedly malfunction due to an unidentified group with unexplained powers.”

“The mutant known as Magneto is implicated in the assassination of John F. Kennedy by a witness on the grassy knoll. Magneto denies direct involvement, sparking the ‘Free Magneto’ movement.”

Prometheus Ted Talk 2023

The 2012 sci-fi blockbuster used real world brands, including Verizon and Internet Explorer, in the fleshing out of the movie’s backstory. Perhaps the most fascinating brand-cameo, however, came in the form of a TED talk. Cashing in on the internet’s love of TED, producers had Prometheus character Peter Weyland deliver a fictional presentation at the 2023 conference. Although this was not in fact used in the final movie, it played a fantastic role in an online marketing experience that drew audiences into it’s futuristic other-world.

Rise Of The Planet of The Apes

As part of a promo campaign for the new Planet of The Apes film, Twentieth Century Fox decided to release a range of viral shorts of apes doing incredible things. All designed to entertain the curiosity of the web, these videos would be quite scary if it weren’t for the logo in the corner. That said, they did start a buzz online as the more naive amongst us naturally RT’d and shared them as actual research clips. The perfect campaign to prep us for the rise of the Planet of the Apes which went on to earn a staggering $482 million!!


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