How Facebook Content Can Drive Sales

Posted on: 17th Jun 2013 by: Dokoo

Following on from our last week’s ‘Secrets to Facebook Marketing’ article, we have decided to elaborate on the type of content that we think works on Facebook. We all know that it is really important to post interesting content that will be ‘liked’ and ‘shared’ by as many people as possible.  Here is a good example of what works on Facebook...

One of our clients, SendmyBag - which specialises in luggage shipping - tasked us to create a Facebook page that would promote SendmyBag and help generate sales leads.

We decided to turn the page into an online community where fans would not only find out about company announcements, but would also be able to talk directly with SendmyBag, to ask questions about the service and provide feedback.  For example, we will post a company update regarding Airline Baggage Fees, informing customers of the more cost effective option to transport their luggage via SendmyBag. Another type of post would be to promote SendmyBag’s fun game called ‘Mickey O'Greedy's Luggage Swindle’. These types of posts are really important in strengthening the brand messages. 

However we find that sometimes its appropriate not to be too salesly! We also wanted the page to be informative about travel and a place where our fans could check out interesting pictures about special landmarks around the globe. Once such piece of content we posted was a picture of the Eiffel Tower at sunset. This one post received 310 LIKES and 46 Shares – a pretty good return on a post.

Since working on the page over a few months, we have increased the number of our targeted fans by around 66% and engagement, the ‘talking about this’ metric is regularly between 5 – 10% of fanbase. This increase in growth and current level of engagement is exceeding that of competitors. This has resulted in SendmyBag receiving daily enquiries from fans and many of these interactions have led to sales for the client.

For us this is how a good Facebook page should be. A place where fans can keep up to date with a business of interest and also a place to provide the occasional bit of intrigue.


Peadar is a project manager @ Dokoo

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