How secure is Facebook?

Posted on: 25th Jun 2013 by: Dokoo

With recent reports in the news about the PRISM surveillance scandal it has got many people thinking just how secure is their Facebook profile?

Facebook have denied that they have given any third parties access to their servers but this doesn’t stop users worrying about what the US government calls ‘lawful requests’. Facebook says it received between 9,000 and 10,000 “lawful requests” in the second half of 2012. “Lawful requests” could be anything from a missing person to a serious terrorist threat.

Below are two tips that we would recommend all Facebook users to consider if they have concerns about their security:

1)    Do you know what profile data is publicly accessible on Facebook? The easiest way to see this is to click privacy shortcuts (the small lock in the top right of the page) then click “who can see my stuff?” > What do other people see on my Timeline? View as.  This will give you the best idea as to what information people can see on your profile.

2)    Advertising. You may have seen a friend has liked a specific page on your timeline that keeps appearing every time you login. This is due to the fact this is a sponsored link and your friend will probably not be aware that their like is appearing on your timeline.

Facebook is a fantastic platform for keeping in touch with friends and a good place to follow brands of interest. However, as a general rule, you should always think about what you post and what you like because you never know who may be watching...your parents, your boss or even the government!


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