How to Recruit Staff Via Social Media

Posted on: 27th Jun 2013 by: Dokoo

Social media has opened the door to more opportunities for recruiters to find staff for clients. Over the last five years, Belfast has witnessed a sort of ‘boom’ in the IT recruitment sector with companies such as Citi, Liberty IT and Allstate desperate for local technical talent. Recruitment agencies are all clambering over each other to get ahead of their competition and social media can play a key role in this race.

Social media is all about sharing information and having conversations. For recruiters, LinkedIn, and Facebook are two effective platforms to find and talk with potential candidates for available positions.

Here are some brief tips on how to recruit staff via social media.

LinkedIn- Long seen as the social media stalwart to recruit talent. LinkedIn provides recruiters with the ability to directly find and connect with professionals of interest. 

How to get ahead on LinkedIn:

1. Create a good profile detailing who you are and who you are looking for!

2. Join relevant professional networks.

3. Don’t just post about jobs, contribute in relevant discussions. Be seen as an authority in your field!

4. Don’t be too aggressive in connecting with potential candidates, and when you request to connect, a personal message is always best.

5. Get recommended. If you have placed someone into a job, ask them to recommend you. You may find they will be happy to!

If you follow these 5 tips you won’t go too far wrong. Additionally recruiters can also pay to upgrade their accounts to access an advanced search feature whereby they can source potential candidates through specific keywords.


Facebook - Traditionally viewed as not being as effective as LinkedIn. However, recruiters are increasingly seeing that an engaging Facebook presence can get your agency heard.

How to get ahead on Facebook:

1. Create a community through engaging posts. Don’t just post about jobs, post interesting and fun content. Get your fans talking and engaged!

2. See Facebook as the personal side to your recruitment agency. 

3. Use Facebook ads to promote high value jobs. These ads can be very effective and you can target a very specific group of people. (Check out our recent blog about how Facebook ads helped one person in their job hunt )

Social media has made things easier to find the talent you are looking for. However, it doesn’t guarantee that the person you find is who your client wants!


Peadar is a project manager @ Dokoo

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