How to Setup a Recommendations Box on your Facebook Page

Posted on: 26th Jun 2013 by: Dokoo


For those pages that have it, you will see a recommendations box nestled in between the ‘recent posts’ box and the ‘likes’ box.  These social endorsements are becoming increasingly important for brands as they attempt to build social proof.  Recommendations are rated out of 5 stars and there is an option to write a short opinion. When someone writes a recommendation for a page, the review will appear on their friend’s timeline.

This is a great tool for businesses to get social endorsement from their customers. Good recommendations mean there is a higher likelihood a brand will be viewed more positively, thus leading to sales opportunities.

For those of you who do not have one, here is a quick guide to setting one up.

1. Go to Edit Page > Update Public Info

2. Change your page type (if necessary)

Only a couple specific page types include the recommendation feature, they are Local Businesses and Companies and Organizations.

3. Enter a valid mailing address

4. Check the Box to “Show this map on the Page.”

That should be you up and running. Now all you need are some recommendations!


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