It's a Long Way to the Top, if You Wanna Rock n' Roll….

Posted on: 12th Jun 2013 by: Dokoo

Jump back in time 20 years and music fans would read of their favourite bands in their favourite magazine. Friends would talk and build a buzz about their favourite bands coming to town and would invite friends of friends to the event and after said event, they would comment, reminisce of the good times and share pictures 3 days later when developed. So what’s changed? No much except a few magic ingredients, which we’ll talk about later.

These days on Facebook we can do all of those things from 20 years ago in a short period of time on Facebook, Twitter and various other social media platforms. I play in a local band called Trucker Diablo and we can attribute social media for helping us support the Foo Fighters, signing with an American record label, getting us global recognition, part funding our 2nd album and getting one of our songs on Rock Band 3 for the XBOX. For me as a musician is has become an essential tool to engage your demographic.

Much like business, being in a band is the same as promoting a brand and putting your product in the hands of as many people as possible. Sounds simple right? We’ll in fact it takes a lot of hard work and strategy to make the right waves in the right occupied water and a good deal of luck. Our evenings have been taken over by post / promote based content on Facebook and a more direct individual targeting promotion on twitter. Take a hop over to our Facebook and see our daily changing content, which in our opinion keep people informed on every move we make.

Unfortunately there is a consequence. As a 15 fifteen year old the mystery and magic of your favourite band coming to town, built an excitement inside that I feel is gone these days. Most people can connect quiet easily with people in your favourite band on social media sitea, which make the relationship a lot more personal and less mysterious. Times are changing and these days it’s a longer way to the top if you wanna rock and roll……


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