Jack Of All Trades - Master Of None

Posted on: 13th Apr 2016 by: Dokoo

Jack Of All Trades - Master Of None

I've decided to write this post on the back of a few recent meetings. There seems to be a real knowledge gap in the market at the moment with businesses trying to find digital marketing staff so i thought i would add my two cents worth.

I was recently shown a  job advertisement for a Digital Marketing Executive. The candidate was expected to have the following skills

  • be proficient in dreamweaver and have web design experience 
  • adobe creative suite expertise and can publish design for print and web
  • good knowledge of SEO and can show examples of getting sites to the top of Google
  • experience of running Google Adwords campaigns and can demonstrate return on investment
  • experience of writing press releases and expertise of getting stories featured in papers/ online
  • be a social media expert and can demonstrate increase in numbers of social media pages managed and a return on investment
  • have at least a 2:1 in a marketing/ advertising or business degree

The salary for this role was £18,000.

When i first was shown this ad i had to read it a few times as i couldn't quite believe it. In my experience i have met no one who could do all these skills, especially not a 22/23 year old graduate looking their first role in the world of marketing. I kinda understand what this company recruiting for this role is trying to do, they are looking someone to come in and manage all aspects of their marketing and save them some money on web design and other agencies. If that is what they are trying to do they will not fill the role.

This takes me on to my next thought, if i was this company recruiting and i was looking for all these specialities could i find an agency that delivers them all? In my experience, no. I have watched over the last 2-3 years Northern Ireland's advertising and marketing sector change more then it has over the last 15 years. I have seen PR agencies claiming to be experts in web design and running Adwords campaigns. I've watched Web Design companies claim to be experts in PR. I've seen Social Media Marketing companies designing flyers and websites for businesses. Now i am sure a small minority of agencies in NI  can do above average on all of these skills but I have yet to come across one that is an expert in them all.  Each one of these disciplines takes years to master and I hold my hands up and say I haven't mastered them all. 

At Dokoo we make a dedicated effort to be a social media marketing agency, we don't design websites, do PR, do SEO or run Adwords campaigns. We work with the best guys in each of these sectors and connect our clients.  We have probably turned down well over £100,000 worth of work last year by just be saying "no". Having worked with just about every agency in NI, several times under a white label service and I admire it when big agencies admit they don't have expertise in a certain area. 

Even within our social media marketing sector we see our strengths in Facebook marketing and digital strategy. We can show case studies of the money we have made clients and how Facebook has to be a part of your marketing mix. We only work with a small group of companies in any three month cycle on Facebook marketing and we are luckily in the position where we don't need any new business at the moment.

Fellow marketing professionals, i would love to hear your thoughts on this or some thoughts on the digital marketing scene in Belfast.

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