How One LinkedIn Post Made me £10,000

Posted on: 22nd Jul 2016 by: Andy Hill

I love LinkedIn and use it more than any other social network when it comes to building my own personal brand. So, I thought I would share how my last published post has already brought in Dokoo Digital over £10.000 and how my connections should use it to make more sales. 

For anyone who is looking for the last post, here it is -

I will cut to the chase and explain to the exact breakdown as to how i made £10,000+ -

  • LinkedIn Training - A large manufacturing company got in touch and booked me in for LinkedIn training for their sales and marketing team. Once i explained to them about the different elements of LinkedIn and how much it had changed they wanted me to cover all of the elements in various training sessions over a number of weeks.
  • Facebook Advertising - we've had two different businesses commission us to deliver Facebook ads for their businesses on a monthly basis over the next few months. Already with one of these businesses we are getting 4 pence per click to their website.
  • Marketing Mentoring - we've had two business commission us to work alongside their marketing team to deliver mentoring to make sure they are delivering their best bang for buck on their marketing campaigns.
  • Other benefits - There were also 5 other enquires that have resulted in proposals being submitted and meetings arranged for the following few weeks. also received 42 new email sign-ups on our homepage the day the article went live. 


I hear you thinking, "That's great Andy but what can we learn from this? "

Well, here are the three takeaways you should all strive to do -

  1. Write honest, authentic, remarkable content about subjects that your audience will engage with. I love writing articles about new features on Facebook or how Twitter ads work but, in reality there are already thousands of these articles published by fantastic tech blogs such as Social Media Examiner and Mashable Tech . I have learnt valuable lessons writing posts such unoriginal posts such as -  5 Digital Marketing Trends To Follow - 50 views, no comments, 0 shares :-( 
    Now, don't get my wrong people value what you have to say but if your content is similar to 1,000s or other articles you will get limited engagement.
  2. Share all your secrets - I am a great believer in giving it all away. The more secrets and tricks you can give away the more your audience will value your advice and elevate you as an expert in your field. I recently did a talk at Digital DNA that had over 150 of my industry peers writing pages of notes, the reason why?? I gave away pretty much the perfect formula to make Facebook ads work for any audience. On the back of me giving away these secrets (the workshop was called Facebook Ad Secrets - pic above) I have had a number of business enquiries. The reason why is simple, most businesses would rather pay an expert to deliver campaigns and get impressive results than try to do it themselves and lose money.
  3.  Remind people how good you are - If you read any of my published content you will see how proud I am of the money we have made clients over the years. It took me a while to be confident enough to write proudly about Dokoo's achievements but now i never miss an opportunity to tell people why i feel we are the best at what we do. I often feel that Northern Irish people find it hard to promote themselves but If you don't do it then no one else will!

Hopefully this has been helpful for you, thank you for reading. For more information about what we do then PM or comment below and i will get back to you . If you were at my talk at Digital DNA i would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below. 

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