Northern Ireland Social Media – Why we should tell more stories!

Posted on: 1st Jul 2013 by: Dokoo

Social media has changed the landscape in marketing and advertising. There is now a shift in the relationship between customers and marketing professionals. No longer can marketers just simply push messages to their customers, they must now attract and engage them. Telling a story about your brand can go a long way to building customer loyalty and increasing your profit margins.

Storytelling is part of content marketing - which is a current hot topic. The most recent blog by @acupoflee offers a nice summary on what content marketing in the digital age is all about Essentially, content marketing is about having meaningful conversations with audiences online by creating compelling content through your website, blogs and social media channels.

Stories have always been a part of human relationships, it is how we as humans make sense of our world. For generations, in this small part of the world, stories such as Finn McCool’s antics on the north coast have long been recited by fire light. People from Northern Ireland are renowned for being good at telling stories. Perhaps this talent became well refined through the generations as storytelling provided us with a nice escape from our bad weather!!!

So how do you create a story? Usually a story has a theme, character, intent, and action. Lego created a fantastic short animation called ‘The Lego story’ which chronicles how Lego came into being. The animation was well received, with over 5 million YouTube views with favourable comments from customers. The idea behind telling this story was to present Lego as being more than just a toy. Similarly Coke wants to be seen as more than just a sugary drink. It wants to be seen as part of your life, a part of your relationships - that’s the motive behind their recent ‘share a coke’ campaign. With social media being an integral part of our lives, we are increasingly sharing these brand stories with others online to the delight of advertisers.

There are big opportunities for brands to take advantage of this new era in marketing. In social media you are often told to ‘find your voice’, i.e. what tone do you want to put across to your audience? You should now start thinking about ‘finding your story’ – what gives your brand more meaning? What makes you stand out?

We all have a story to tell you just got to find the right way to tell it!


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