Pringle Challenge: 1,000 Engaged Users for Under $10

Posted on: 3rd Jul 2014 by: Dokoo

There are a handful of motivators that cause a post to really go viral and get traction. Awe or humour are two of the most shareable types of content that break the binary monotony. On the 26th of April on our Facebook page we published a post that was both awesome and hilarious.

The post was immediately very popular, for obvious reasons. 

Being the clever marketing minded folks that we are, we decided to sponsor the post to see just how far it would go. The results were brilliant and we want to share them with you.

As you can see, the post quickly generated a lot of attention. Engagement, which is the exposure the photo gained, climbed for two days following the day the picture went up. An engagement is defined by the number of people that actually clicked the advertised post following through to our page, those who liked, commented or shared it.

With a cost of $0.01 per post engagement our impressive Pringles ring had a reach of 6,994 people and generated a response, share or click through from 1,012 people - all for around $6 (that’s £3.50).

At that perfect crossroad between creative content and strategic marketing, an agency like ours could be exactly what you need to draw attention to your products, project or business. We’ve been doing cost-efficient advertising solutions for a long time and we can do it for you too.

Alternatively, we challenge you and your office to create your own Pringle ring and share it with us on Facebook!

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