Secrets of Twitter Marketing

Posted on: 18th Jun 2013 by: Dokoo

Twitter is a very popular micro blogging website, where users can send a short message up to 140 characters in length. It has become the norm to tweet during live events such as TV shows, and news organisations keenly use Twitter to broadcast breaking news. 

For small to medium sized businesses, Twitter can provide some really good opportunities to promote their brand and increase sales opportunities. Here are 5 tips to help you think about how you can best use Twitter for your brand.

1. How to get people to follow you!

It is really important to create an engaging profile. What does this mean? Well you can start by writing a short and concise company profile statement which sums you up. Make best use of a profile picture, something that encapsulates your brand. Twitter should be thought of as one strand in your online strategy so make sure that your profile is consistent with your other online personas such as your Facebook page. To further support a strong online foundation link your page to your company website to help increase traffic.


2. Think before you speak

As with any online strategy, think smart and talk smart. You need to listen to what your customers and your competitors are doing to help you strike the right tone in your messaging. Think about your ‘voice’ do you want to sound corporate or less formal? Many small companies have found success through opting for a less formal voice.


3. Follow to get followed

In order to scale up your number of followers, a good tactic is to follow those who you think are your customers. This normally results in a good return with a decent proportion of those who you follow will follow you back. However, this can be a laborious task but it is well worth the hassle.


4. Post interesting content.

If you follow the previous three tips and neglect the most important of all - your content - then the chances are your Twitter experience will not be a positive one. What is great about Twitter is that it connects you directly with people interested in your brand. Tweeting rich content such as pictures and videos can add depth and make sure you always respond to tweets!


5. Use Twitter on the move.

Twitter was developed with the mobile world in mind. Using Twitter on your mobile is easy, it’s just like sending a text. If you exhibit at trade shows make sure you tweet and also remain 'active' when you are out of the office. This helps to create a continuous connection with your customers, and it should not be underestimated. 


6. Take Twitter offline

Taking your Twitter interactions offline, such as arranging to meet customers at exhibitions, can be extremely valuable – don’t limit Twitter to the online world. 


In a later blog we will explain how you can take it a stage further by effectively using hashtags # to help expand your audience as well as organise your followers into conversation lists. 


Peadar is a project manager @ Dokoo

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