5 Important Questions To Ask Any Social Media Marketing Expert

Posted on: 21st Jul 2017 by: Dokoo

Whenever I started Dokoo Digital in 2012 I never thought we would do a lot of training. I imagined our clients would want to outsource social media work to us and we would manage these in the traditional agency way. Well, very quickly I learnt that there was a real demand in the marketing sector for training on specific social media networks.

Fast forward to 2017 and in my old age, I have found myself more drawn towards the training element of marketing. Largely due to the processes, we have implemented in Dokoo that manage our monthly clients extremely well meaning that I'm not that needed in the day to day. I set myself a target of training 1,000 businesses/ individuals in 2017 (I don't include any speaking gig in these figures) and am well on track to hitting this. On top of my training, I also lecture at Ulster University & Queens and it seems to be the more I lecture and mentor young marketers the more I enjoy it.

Enough about me lets jump straight into what I feel are 5 of most important questions to ask a social media marketing expert. These questions are done in such as way as you would ask a social media expert, you being the client. These questions can even be used in an interview for marketing roles.

1.How do you measure return on investment? This in my eyes is often the most overlooked question on social media and if I am brutally honest it is not an easy one to answer in many sectors. We deal a lot in eCommerce sectors where you can see a direct return on spend but in other sectors, it is not as obvious. Whenever we get asked this question we will show examples of campaigns we have run and case studies that give the client an idea of what to expect. By asking this question you will know exactly how your social media expert views what success will look like in that campaign. If they tell you to expect 1,000 new Facebook likes per week you should walk away. The value in these metrics will not help your business's bottom line.

2. If you had £100 to spend on advertising on a social network what would it be and why? This is one we often get asked, replace £100 for any amount, we even had one client recently enquire the value of spending £50,000 a day on Facebook advertising. There is no right answer to this (well there is a right answer in spending 50k a day on Facebook, NO!) but you will learn a lot about your social media expert from their response and which networks they favour and why. In a nutshell, It all comes down to what you are trying to achieve in your campaign and where these people are.

3. Do you manage any other social media pages in your spare time outside your business? I love this question as this gives you an insight into what this person's passion is. I run several pages, combined they have totals in the millions on followers, some are monetizable, some are for fun but most are done because I love the subject matter. By understanding the expert's passion you can see what success they have on pages they run that they aren't paid to manage. This is a really good indication of how well they know their social media. If you PM me or leave a comment below I will give you some examples of my pages.

4. How important is good content and how often should we post? Good content is critical to any social media marketing whether it is paid advertising or page content. Before we start any training workshop or social media management we sit down with the client and map our why exactly they are doing social media. It is not uncommon for us to walk away from projects before they start when the client is not equipped for the extra demand or they don't have a clear vision of what they want to achieve. When it comes to how often a client should post there are different answers for different markets, I am not a big fan or posting multiple times a day as it turns customers off more than it attracts them. But some business I follow can get away with it with highly engaging content.

5. As well as social media what other digital marketing skills can you do for us? This is a slightly trick question, in my opinion being an excellent social media marketer is hard enough in 2017. It is extremely hard to learn and keep up to date with Facebook insights, power editor, ads manager, Snapchat analytics & ads, Twitter ads and so on and so on. So whenever marketers tell me they are experts at social media, SEO, web design and graphic design it leaves me scratching my head. It is close to impossible to be good at all those things. When I lecture, I advise students to specialise in one discipline and excel at it. I look at my friend Barry Adams as a prime example of this.

I hope you found this useful in some way, these are questions that we think will help you as you build your brands on social media. Please leave a comment below if this was useful or any other questions you deem as important for your business. Feel free to message me any company/ sector specific questions. Or to find out more about Dokoo Digital check our website www.Dokoo.com. Dokoo specialises in social media training, especially Facebook and Linkedin training in Belfast.


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Andy Hill is the MD of Dokoo Digital a digital agency based in Holywood, Northern Ireland. You can find out more at www.dokoo.com.

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