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Posted on: 3rd Jan 2018 by: Dokoo

My name is Andy Hill and I am MD of Dokoo Digital. My first job after uni was marketing executive at Munster Simms Engineering in Bangor, County Down. Munster Simms under the brand name Whale Pumps provided water systems to the marine and caravan markets. The job was great and far more glamourous than it sounds (trust me!), we had no market in NI so our customer base was mainly America and mainland europe. This meant numerous customers visits and trade show visits that allowed me to see a lot of the world.

As a marketing executive my duties were relatively straight forward and under the management of Rodney Saunderson and then Claire McCrea we had a strong team that consistently won awards. I spent most of my 8am -5pm day implementing our marketing strategy which included organising trade shows, placing print ads and working with graphic and web designers that we outsourced work to. The reason we outsourced design was all down to time versus cost. A designer could edit photos for us for far cheaper than it would take to get any of our team to try to do the same function in photoshop. This taught me a key lesson about business, certain elements of your job you can outsource and get better quality results.

I first learnt that lesson in 2004 and am surprised in 2016 to see many companies don't think along the same lines. I discussed in an earlier Linkedin post about the modern day marketing executive and the expectations that are placed upon them and i feel that if anything, the marketing role is getting even more demanding. As a company Dokoo have seen a huge surge in demand for in-house training and mentoring.

Today's marketing executive is expected to know HTMl, Photoshop, Blogging, Adwords, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Snapchat, Instagram, Linkedin, Pinterest, CMS, CRM systems, SEO, UI, UX and other various 'marketing" skills. All these lovely skills on top of the traditional marketing skills that i did in my job in 2004. Very often marketing executives will feel overwhelmed and have no where to turn as many business owners think knowing all the above skills is the norm for a recently graduated marketing student. I take my hat off to marketing executives as the demand that is placed on these roles is huge, it is not a 9-5 job anymore (with the advent of social media) yet the pay hasn't really increased in line with workload. I recently had a client say that their newly appointed marketing manager hadn't won over their board yet as this traditional, family run business had never employed a marketing manager. This was in spite of the marketing manager bringing in multiple high profile clients as a direct result of some fantastic campaigns.

There seems to be a real disconnect between what business owners expect of marketing staff versus what is a reality. At Dokoo we have had the pleasure of working with some of the best marketing teams in the UK, and every one of these teams had no problem asking for help, Where Dokoo can help is offering training and mentoring in social media marketing skills. A few examples of our recent sessions -

LinkedIn training - we took one multinational company through an intensive three day training on LinkedIn and identified a major issue with their exit interviews that had cost them over £100,000. Most companies aren't even aware of this issue until it happens.
Facebook training - helping a marketing team drive down their CPC to under 10p and increase their email email database by over 500% by teaching them one tactic. These two changes increase their online turnover by £40,000 the next month.
Marketing mentoring - we work with a number of businesses that we mentor, whether it is the owner or an employee, we map out how mentoring them will deliver a level of accountability. One business has recently expanded into USA due to an online advertising strategy that was targeting a very key niche.
Currently we limit our training/ mentoring to a select few companies and we don't work with companies that are in the same industry. If you would like to find out more and start improving your marketing then private message me on this.

And finally a round of applause/ pat on the back for your marketing team, the job has changed like no other and they are doing a great job. Good work team!


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